Save Money with 8 Healthy Habits

8 Healthy Habits That Can Save Money
Healthy habits are simple can make changes that provide great health benefits in the long run. Implement healthy daily habits can improve your health without spending a lot of money. So for those who have not implemented a healthy daily habits, you should immediately to try Healthy habit. About healthy habits everyday what can be good for your health and can save money?
Follow 8 healthy habits in below that can save your money, as quoted from FoxHealthNews, Friday (03/16/2012), among others :

1. Make a list of foods that are consumed daily

“Write down everything you eat throughout the day that can help limit caloric intake and avoid weight gain,” the researchers said.

2. Vacation (in mind)

Relax on the beach may be able to make extravagant daily budget, but a mental vacation would not spend any money. The results indicated that, to imagine something that could create a relaxed mind can have the same effect with experience. Close your eyes and imagine to be in place and a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

3. Tidying stuff

Spruce up any goods regularly and neatly. Allow 5 minutes every day to return the goods in place and smoothing out the items on the table, in order to keep a neat desk without having to rearrange.

4. Breathing from the stomach

Most people breathe from the upper chest that deliver air about 1 cup of tea into the lungs. Ensuring the stomach expands when breathing can help to provide 8 times the amount of oxygen to the brain that stimulates the brain waves for longer, slower associated with relaxation and peace of mind.

5. Phone a friend

Leisure time can be used to call a friend or close friends. Oxytocin, a hormone released when women befriend each other. The hormone works to calm the body and fight the effects of stress.

6. Wear the pedometer all day

Pedometers are inexpensive exercise equipment that is useful to calculate the number of steps a person. Pedometers can help increase the number of steps you can take from morning till night. Should do the walking 1000 steps per day for daily physical activity.

7. Build a support group

Exercising with a friend can help maintain a physical exercise program better.

8. Flossing every day

One healthy habit that can save the cost of dental treatment is to use dental floss (flossing) every day. Flossing can prevent disease in the tissues supporting the teeth (periodontal tissue). The study found that cumulative health care costs about 20 percent higher for patients with severe periodontal disease. Precautions to brush your teeth 2 times a day, and flossing once a day and visiting your dentist for a cleaning every six months can prevent many problems in the oral cavity.

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