Tricks to Healthy Running

Tricks to Healthy Running
Leisurely walk or run is a simple and inexpensive things you can do to help improve health. But how to healthy walk for the body?
A healthy body can not be achieved magically or quickly. But walking is a good thing to do for health such as blood pressure and lose weight. If you choose to walk as the main type of exercise, it is important to know how the proper gait. Here are some things you can do, as quoted from Lifemojo, Friday (03/16/2012), namely :
1. Try to keep the eyes focused forward and not up or down too often
2. Chin in a fixed position and somewhat withdrawn slightly to maintain a neutral neck position so as to prevent neck pain and can support the head properly.
3. Keeping the shoulders so as not to bend and stay relaxed. You do this by bending the arms and elbows form a 90 degree angle and swing to the center of the body and should not bend more than 90 degrees. If you bend it right will burn more calories and engaging more muscles.
4. The back of the body remains straight so that the natural curvature of the bone remains. Should be slightly bent slightly forward when walking in the hills.
5. The position of the chest slightly raised so that it can take a deep breath, expanding your stomach muscles and try to breathe in rhythm with the steps.
6. The heel should touch the ground, short steps will give you a better workout and easier on the joints.
By following running techniques, it can significantly improve performance. This could help increase the benefits of the body such as increasing efficiency, using supply energy more better, lower the risk of injury, increase comfort, faster, increasing calories burned, good for muscle and body shape.
Besides, running this trick will not cause chronic pain in the body, avoiding poor posture and prevent the buildup of fat in the stomach so it looks better.

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