How to Cope Tomcat Bites

Tomcat Bites
Indonesia, Surabaya city and a number of areas recently rumored to have an attack of Tomcat insect that is harmful. Attack of this Paederus Insect species can cause dermatitis or skin irritation. However, do you know if Tomcat was beneficial insects for farmers?
Aris Sutrisno, an insect expert from LIPI reveal insects Tomcat is useful to repel pests. Leafhoppers are insect prey for Tomcat. Haris said the attacks are said to be a plague Tomcat was just an act to defend themselves from enemy threats. Tomcat is not actually hostile to humans. So, maybe there is a human activity that interferes with activities of Tomcat. In metropolitan cities like Jakarta and Surabaya, Tomcat insects normally live in areas that are have trees or plants such as city parks. Tomcat fly with a body that “standing”, not lie face downward. Wings did not cover the whole body, in contrast to insects that we usually encounter. Residents who are bitten by an insect Tomcat will typically experience itching. When severe, the skin may blister-like victim of Surabaya. However, residents are expected to not panic face an attack Tomcat because the poison is not deadly. To treat bites Tomcat, namely by applying ointment Acyclovir 5 percent. This ointment can be found in pharmacies. Skin that have Bitten can be washed with soapy water for first aid antiseptic.
The characteristics of the affected skin bites Tomcat :
1. Appear reddish color of the skin
2. The skin will feel itchy
3. Irritation or inflammation of the skin
4. Skin will appear blistered from the irritation
5. If severe, then there will be pus in the skin
To overcome this, we also have prepared the way to cope tomcat bites :
1. Avoid direct contact with these animals.
Direct contact with animals is tantamount to attach the skin to the poison. Usually the skin will feel the heat followed by the appearance of spots itchy, watery and black marks on the skin. If you want to get rid of that animal, use paper or blow it, do not hold it by hand.
2. Rinse with running water and soap
if your skin got contact immediately put your skin under tap water and wash with soap. If it feels like burns, immediately compresses the skin with cool antiseptic and make sure there is no more insect tomcat and was given one percent hydrocortisone ointment. However, the patient better immediately checked by a doctor.
3. Pairs of mosquito netting and also close the windows and doors to prevent entry of these beetles, make sure there is no room for him.
4. Do not rub the skin or eyes if you get contact with tomcat, because the poison on the skin can infect other areas that you touch. Wash your hands before touching other parts of the body.
5. Make sure the home environment clean
Remove plants that are not maintained and ensure cleanliness of your garden so that animals will not nest there. This is a powerful way to cope with the disease tomcat. Prevention is better than cure so make sure your home is clean and comfortable so that you are not distracted from tomcat problems. Although insects are useful to farmers, we also must remain vigilant.

Tomcat insect

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