Tips Handling Leg Injuries because Running

Tips Handling Leg Injuries because Running
Leg Injuries
Jogging with green scenery around adding to the vibrant atmosphere of exercise. But If not careful can result in injury to the leg. This can occur due to two factors. First, the internal factors are : Overtraining, body condition, and recurrent injury. Second, external factors, usually caused by shoes that do not fit, age of shoes, running barefoot or socks.
Here’s how to deal with that and recommended by Dr.Michael Triangto, SpKO :

Handle Injury

The first thing to do when an injury is to listen to your body. “If the pain is not common in previous exercises, you must first stop the practice and began to check,” explained Dr. Michael.
In general, the injury will cause inflammation and should be anticipated. Signs of inflammation are :
Tumor (lump)
Calor (hot)
Dolor (pain)
Rubor (reddish color)
Fungsiolesa (interference function)
If there are signs above on your feet when running practice, that means there is a tear in the muscle tissue, or ligaments, or tendons. “Torn can cause bleeding that occurs underneath the skin,” explains Dr. Michael. As first aid, you can use the system to relieve the inflammation with RICE methods : Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.
Rest : Immediately stop the exercise if there is any sign of the above, “… does not extend to injury,” explained Dr. Michael.
Ice : Give an ice pack on the injured area for 30 minutes as often as possible, depending on the weight or severity of injury. “It could freeze and stop the bleeding that happens,” he explained.
Compress : wrap the injured area using elastic bandage, “,,, to reduce the existing lump, so that the blood that has entered the area of ​​inflammation under the skin had returned to its original blood vessels,” he explained.
Elevation : Elevate the position of your feet, “… so that blood and fluid can flow back and pulled the heart easily,” he explained.
Do the RICE treatment last for two days to actually stop the inflammation process, after which the injury will blue. If you already like it, give it a warm compress for 30 minutes, so that the blood flow the better, “Blood flow that will carry the waste out of the location of the injury was and bring new blood to give food to the places which had been injured,” Clearly, Dr. Michael. If you do not want to get hurt, you can follow the trick healthy running as previous post

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