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HAYNES HR-160 alloy

HAYNES® HR-160® (UNS N12160) alloy is a solid-solution-strengthened nickel-cobalt- ... HAYNES® HR-160® alloy has excellent forming and welding characteristics. It may be ... HR-160® alloy plate, sheet, strip, bar, forging, tubing, pipe, and fittings are covered by

RA 602 CA® - Rolled Alloys, Inc.

RA 602 CA® alloy is the most oxidation resistant/high strength nickel alloy available. It is capable of extreme temperature use up to and beyond 2200°F (1200°C). For thermal processing applications where minimal product contamination is necessary, the oxidation/scaling resistance of …[PDF]

HA YNES HR-160 alloy - INKOSAS

HA YNES ® HR-160 ® alloy. HAYNES HR-160 alloy 2 ... HAYNES ® HR-160 alloy is a solid-solution-strengthened nickel-cobalt-chromium-silicon alloy with outstanding resis- ... sheet, strip, billet, bar, wire, pipe and tubing. Applications HAYNES HR-160 alloy com-bines properties which make it …

High Performance Alloys - Forgeable Alloys

High Performance Alloys has the capability to produce materials at their Tipton, Indiana plant. The bar production can be performed hot (to 2300 Deg F), warm (1200-1600 Deg F), and cold (room temperature, to …

HAYNES alloy HR160 Chemical Element, Properties ...

HAYNES alloy HR160. This page provides HAYNES alloy HR160 datasheet, HAYNES alloy HR160 mechanical properties, chemical element HAYNES alloy HR160, technical specifications of HAYNES alloy HR160 steel material properties. HAYNES alloy HR160 performance specifications.

HAYNES- HR-160- alloy for Severely Sulfidizing ...

HR-160® filler metal is recommended for joining HR-160 alloy. When HR-160® alloy is welded to other alloys, such as stainless steels, 556® filler metal should be used. HAYNES® HR-160® alloy is available as plate, sheet, strip, billet, bar, wire, pipe, and tubing.

Haynes HR-160® alloy, annealed plate - MatWeb

Haynes HR-160® alloy, annealed plate Categories: Metal; Nonferrous Metal; Nickel Alloy; Superalloy. Material Notes: Outstanding resistance to various forms of high-temperature corrosion attack, excellent resistance to sulfidation and chloride attack in both reducing and oxidizing atmospheres.

HR-160 - timetals

HAYNES ® HR-160 ® alloy is a solid-solution-strengthened nickel-cobalt-chromium-silicon alloy with outstanding resistance to various forms of high-temperature corrosion attack. HR-160 alloy has excellent resistance to sulfidation and chloride attack in both reducing and oxidizing atmospheres.

Haynes HR-160 | Elgin Fasteners

Below are the technical specifications of the Haynes™ HR-160 Bar Stock we have available to meet your needs. Haynes® HR-160® alloy, annealed plate. Subcategory: Metal; Nickel Base; Superalloy Key Words: UNS N12160, ASTM B435, ASTM B366, DIN No.2.4880[PDF]

RA 602 CA vs HR-120 & HR-160 - rolledalloys

While HR-160 and HR-120 have been used over other grades due to higher strengths or better corrosion resistance, RA 602 CA should be considered for more applications due to its availability. RA 602 CA is readily available (from stock) in plate, sheet, round bar and welding consumables.[PDF]

ALLOY 200 201 DATA SHEET - Jacquet Metal Service

ALLOY 200 / 201 DATA SHEET UNS N2002 0 / 120 2SN0N U //// Alloy 200 (UNS designation N02200) and Alloy 201 (UNS designation N02201) are wrought commercially pure nickel. The alloys differ only in the maximum carbon level allowed by specification, 0.15 % maximum for Alloy 200 and 0.02 % maximum for Alloy 201. ... Rod and Bar B160 SB160 - 17752 ...

Super Alloy HAYNES(r) HR-120(r) alloy - AZoM

Super alloys are metallic alloys that function at high temperature environment where high surface stability and deformation resistance are mainly required. Three major classification of super alloys include iron-base, nickel-base and cobalt-base alloys.

HAYNES HR160 | Multi Alloys:

Resistant to sea water and steam at elevated temperatures and to salt and caustic solutions. Feedwater heaters, heat exchangers, marine fixtures, valves and pumps. ALLOY K-500 is a high strength variant. Selected items from local stock; balance imported; ex-stock or mill availability. Nickel Based Alloys

90/10 Copper Nickel Based Round Bar - SPECIALTY METALS

90/10 cupronickel is a 90% copper, 10% nickel alloy that also contains small but important additions of iron and manganese to enhance overall strength corrosion resistance. This, combined with high ductility and toughness, makes it a popular grade for marine, architectural and industrial applications.[PDF]

Datasheet - HR160

HR-160 is a high nickel, high chromium alloy with superior strength and heat resistance. Excellent resistance to: o Oxidizing and reducing environments o Sulfur and chlorides o Carburization and Nitridation o Corrosion attack by phosphorous, sulfur and vanadium impurities in fuel and feedstocks 2200°F (1200°C) C C

Bar Stock Specialties Inc.

At Bar Stock Specialties, Inc., not only will you find a fully integrated cold finishing bar production shop, but the mentality of a 'Can Do' sales and manufacturing staff bent on exceeding your needs and expectations. We are confident you will see BSS is the only choice for your day to day needs for precision bars and specialty toll processing services

HAYNES 25, L605, Stellite 25, UNS R30605

HAYNES 25 (L605) is an austenitic alloy. Performance Profile Alloy L605 is the strongest of the formable cobalt alloys, useful for continuous service to 1800°F.

Nickel Alloy 200 (UNS N02200) - Aircraft Materials

Alloy 200 (UNS N02200) is a commercially pure wrought nickel, with good mechanical properties and an excellent resistance to many corrosive environments. Alloy 200 has good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties.

Alloy Round Bar - Ryerson

Alloy Round Bar Ryerson offers a wide range of alloy round bars to meet your needs. We carry 8620, 4140, 4150 and 4150RS and 4340 in bar through 12” and forged bar through 32” in most grades. Applications include shafts, bolts, sprockets/gears, axles and piston rods.

Alloy Square Bar - Ryerson

Alloy Square Bar We offer 4140 alloy steel square bar, as cold-drawn, annealed bar. It has superior hardening capability that responds well to heat treatment. In addition, 4145 alloy square bar can be machined effectively while maintaining its properties at high temperatures. Applications include axles, bolts, shafts and valves.

Import Data and Price of haynes under HS Code 75052200 …

View detailed Import data, price, monthly trends, major importing countries, major ports of haynes under HS Code 75052200

Nickel Alloy Strip Coil - Jainex Steel

Nickel Alloy. Commercially pure, un-alloyed Nickel; used in electronics for packaging, leads and lids. Jainex Steel and Metal stocks Electrical/Electronic Nickel in a variety of forms and dimensions. Below are some of the standard stock form/sizes.

70/30 Copper Nickel Based Round Bar - SPECIALTY METALS

70/30 is a 70% copper, 30% nickel alloy with additions of iron and manganese. These elemental additions make it somewhat more resistant to corrosion and erosion and with slightly improved strength level than 90/10, making it suitable for more demanding applications.

HAYNES alloy HR160 - Yaang

HAYNES alloy HR160 Valve,HAYNES alloy HR160 flanges,HAYNES alloy HR160 Pipe Fitting,HAYNES alloy HR160 Reducer,HAYNES alloy HR160 Angle Bar,HAYNES alloy HR160 pipe, tee. HAYNES alloy HR160 Valve ... ships is a kind of important material. According to the matrix element to points, high temperature alloy and divided into iron base, nickel and ...[PDF]

INCONEL alloy 625 - Special Metals Corporation

INCONEL ® alloy 625 specialmetals INCONEL® nickel-chromium alloy 625 (UNS N06625/W.Nr. 2.4856) is used for its high strength, excellent fabricability (including joining), and out- ... shown bMeasurements made at Battelle Memorial Institute cMaterial annealed 2100°F/1 hr. 3 INCONEL ® alloy …

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